Women in Open Source Software Projects (2013-2016)

(in Portuguese, MSL -- Mulheres em Software Livre)

The Women in Open Source Software (MSL) project aims to attract, motivate and retain woman enrolled in a Computing major in Brazil. The project brought together professors and undergraduate students from UTFPR-Campo Mourão. Professor Ph.D. Igor Steinmacher is the project coordinator.

Since 2015, the team has started to work together with the group Emili@s, which coordinator is the Professor Ph.D. Silvia Amelia Bim.

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Android applications programming for female teenagers: short-course (8 hours) taught for girls who attend high school in public and private schools in Campo Mourão, Brazil, 2015.

Digital Girls Workshop: short-course (8 hours) taught for girls who attend high school in a public school in Maringá, Brazil. The workshop was collocated with VII Brazilian Conference on Software: Theory and Practice - CBSoft 2016.

Contribution in Open Source Software Projects: students enrolled in the Bachelor of Computer Science participate in weekly meetings for programming rounds, focused on contributions in open source software projects. The team studied and contributed to the JabRef project, (2013-2016).

UTFPR Girls Saturday Meetings: monthly meetings with female students who attend vocational school in Informatics, at UTFPR-Campo Mourão, Brazil. Meetings last about 2 hours and the topics of the week included: Arduino workshop, STEM games, feminist movies, and so on.


The MSL team thanks the financial support: PROREC 03/2015-UTFPR-EXTENSÃO

Our girls

Mariana Martins Vargas Prudêncio, Elaine Cecílio Sangali, Noemi Pereira Scherer, Erica Yurie Saito, Mara Luci Leite Goulart, Maria Paula Zago Fortunato da Silva, Nathalye Christy Teixeira Polistchuk, Ana Carolina Frozza.

Contact and more information:

Our group is supported by the Brazilian Computer Society.

Facebook - MSL team: https://www.facebook.com/mslUtfpr

Facebook - Emili@s team: https://www.facebook.com/emiliasarmacaoembits

SBC Digital Girls supported projects: http://meninas.sbc.org.br/index.php/portfolio/emilias-armacao-em-bits/